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Commercial Awnings For Shops, Bars, Restaurants’ & Schools

Awnings – Stylish and functional Awnings – Stylish and functional

Key Benefits

Commercial awnings are retractable blinds that are excellent for providing shade from the sun and inclement weather. They are a popular choice for shops, bars and restaurants. The key benefits are

  • Providing shade to windows
  • Providing shelter from the sun and adverse weather
  • Shelter for outdoor smoking areas
  • Highly visible advertising


Each installation is surveyed to ensure that the awnings are constructed to the precise dimensions, as well as presenting different options that suit your budget and requirements.


River Blinds are able to help make your brand and designs stand out on your awning. Modern printing techniques are used to deliver a stunning and durable finish.


There are a variety of ways to control your retractable awnings:

  • Solar control – the awnings will automatically open when a specific amount of sunlight is present
  • Wind control – the awnings will automatically retract when wind levels are high enough to cause damage
  • Timing – The awnings can be programmed to open and retract at specific times (i.e. opening and closing times)
  • Manual Control - You decide when to open and close the awnings