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Commercial Venetian Blinds

Commercial Venetian Blinds Venetian Blinds – Durable & Low Maintenance

Key Benefits

Venetian Blinds offer excellent control over light and privacy with a twist of the wand to control the slats. They also retract neatly to allow full visibility through the window. With a range of colours and slat widths as well as options in aluminium and wood. Venetian blinds can also be enclosed in glazing for office partitioning and to provide the ultimate low maintenance option.

Venetian Blind Control Options

The blinds can be operated in the following ways:

  1. Cord to elevate the blinds and a wand to tilt the slats
  2. Uni-wand operation where the blinds are raised, lowered and tilted with a single control
  3. Motorised on a low voltage 240V system (tilt only or tilt, elevate & lower)

Venetian Blind Materials & Measurements

  • Aluminium slats at 15, 25, 35 and 50mm widths
  • Perforated aluminium slats at 25 & 50mm
  • Solid timber slats at 25, 35 & 50mm
  • Smooth or textured painted finishing

Venetian Blind Options

  • Guide wires for angled windows
  • Enclosed in glazing for partitioning and low maintenance options

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